Preview: Angola vs Madagascar – 7 September 2023

This coming Wednesday, 7th September 2023, a crucial clash unfolds in Group E of the Africa Cup of Nations Qualification where Angola hosts Madagascar. Currently, Angola enjoys a favourable position in the group, nestled at the 2nd place with 8 points from 2 wins and 2 draws, while Madagascar is languishing at the bottom with only two draws to their name. As the tension escalates, this encounter promises to be an engaging fixture with vital points up for grabs that could potentially alter the dynamics of the group standings.


As the date of this anticipated encounter approaches, a scrutiny of both teams’ recent performances and statistical data suggests an interesting battle ahead. Angola has shown a mixed bag of results in their recent fixtures. Despite a defeat against Mauritius (0-1) and a draw against Mozambique (1-1), they have managed to secure wins against Lesotho (4-2) and the Central African Republic (CAR) (2-1). However, it’s worth noting that their defence has been penetrable, having conceded goals in their last 6 consecutive matches.

Madagascar, on the other hand, has been facing an uphill battle, particularly when playing away. Their offensive line seems to be faltering with a streak of 3 matches without a goal, a concern that needs immediate addressing. Their record showcases recent losses against the CAR (0-3 and 0-2) interspersed with a solitary victory against Niger (1-0). The inability to find the back of the net consistently is a glaring issue that might hamper their progress in the tournament.

Historically, the encounters between these two nations have been tightly contested. In their last face-off on 5th June 2022, they settled for a 1-1 draw in Madagascar. Furthermore, their last three meetings have all ended in draws, indicating a pattern of closely-fought matches. It is also interesting to note that Angola seems to be having a better run in this qualification phase, clearly outperforming Madagascar.

Considering the players’ performances and strategies, it seems that the first half of the game might hold significant importance, with Madagascar having a slight edge in winning the first half, as indicated by a 30% winning rate compared to Angola’s 22%. Yet, this doesn’t translate into overall match victories, particularly for Madagascar, who has found it challenging to maintain a lead, especially when playing away.


Taking into account the recent form and historical data, predicts a narrow win for Angola with a scoreline of 1-0 against Madagascar. Angola appears to have a more balanced squad, with a slightly better performance in recent matches. Moreover, with Madagascar struggling to find the net, especially in away matches, Angola might just seize this opportunity to consolidate their position in the group.


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