Horse Racing Place ACCA Tips for 6th September 2023

The Lingfield racecourse is set to host an exhilarating set of races this 6th of September 2023, which promises not only fervour but also substantial returns for those ready to partake in a Place ACCA. This legendary racing ground turns into a battleground where seasoned equines and budding racers will demonstrate their finesse and stamina. Let’s dissect the grandeur that awaits at Lingfield with keen insights on the stalwarts that are gearing up to grace the turf.

Race 1 – Doves of Peace

At 2.20, all eyes will be on “Doves of Peace”, a 3-year-old contender carrying a weight of 9-7. Entrusted to the capable hands of jockey Joe Bradnam and trainer M L W Bell, this horse stands as a beacon of hope for bettors with an OR of 54. Doves of Peace has demonstrated promising potential, especially evident from its performance 14 days ago at Kempton. Despite being hampered, it managed a commendable fifth position among 13 competitors. The inside stall advantage adds to the horse’s prospects, with bettors keenly watching its unexposed and evolving trajectory, which has been on an upward trend as seen from its recent forms: 78725. The odds standing at 2/1 make this equine a notable player in the accumulator.

Race 3 – Love Billy Boy

The clock strikes 1.44 and “Love Billy Boy” will make its grand appearance. A youthful 2-year-old steed, adorned with a weight of 9-8, is set to captivate the onlookers under the guidance of jockey Jason Hart and trainer J J Quinn. This horse has emerged victorious with impressive ease in its debut race at Pontefract, setting high expectations for its forthcoming run. Boasting an imposing form with a solo win, and odds of 5/2, this horse stands as a formidable contender, projected to enhance its winning streak further.

Race 4 – Mukha Magic

“Mukha Magic” takes to the field at 2.50, promising an enticing showdown. This 7-year-old veteran, championing a weight of 10-4, pairs up with the adept Tom Marquand under the supervision of trainer Miss Gay Kelleway. With a notable OR of 74 and being a C&D winner, Mukha Magic is no stranger to the vigour of Lingfield. Having secured a respectful third position at Yarmouth 36 days ago, the horse embarks on this race with odds of 12/1. With an established record showcasing forms 447143, it stands as a wildcard entrant, capable of causing a major upset.

Race 5 – Karat Karat

1.30 is the hour when “Karat Karat” gears up to make a mark. This 3-year-old prospect, entrusted to Tom Marquand and groomed by trainer W J Haggas, is all set to continue its promising journey. Coming off a victorious run at Yarmouth 27 days ago, the horse holds strong prospects with forms showcasing 41. The betting circles buzz with anticipation as the odds stand favourable at 5/6, signalling a horse that is open to even more improvement and potentially magnificent performances.

Race 6 – Angel of Antrim

As the clock ticks 2.10, “Angel of Antrim” steps forward to claim its glory. This 3-year-old, bearing a weight of 9-5, is in the skilled hands of jockey L Morris and trainer A Stronge. With an OR of 56 and a recent victory at Kempton, this horse is expected to build upon its recent success. Bearing forms 845391 and odds of 10/1, a mere 3 lb rise seems fair, and it is anticipated to give a thrilling account of itself in the race, potentially pleasing the punters with a tenacious performance.

In conclusion, this September 6th brings with it not just a rush of adrenaline but also a golden opportunity for bettors to transform their £25 stake into a grand return of £540.54. Each race presents a canvas where stories of triumph, courage, and grit will be painted anew, with spectators and bettors alike eagerly waiting to witness racing poetry in motion. As the horses gallop fervently on the prestigious Lingfield racecourse, may the best steed win, and may your betting acumen shine brightest. Remember, in the world of horse racing, every stride counts, and so does every bet.


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