Carlise: Place ACCA Friday 01 Sep 2023

Here’s a closer look at our top selections for the Place accumulator.

Race 1: Vintage Love With odds set at 7/2 for Vintage Love, this twice-raced maiden from Grant Tuer’s stable has caught attention. Jockey P J McDonald will be guiding this two-year-old, whose recent performance in Ayr just 20 days ago saw an evident improvement. While Vintage Love finished third, the promise of potential remains high. There’s a significant expectation of even better results this time around.

Race 2: Roshambo Miss J A Camacho’s Roshambo is in with 4/1 odds. Recently, at Newmarket, this four-year-old secured a commendable third place among nine. Racing off the same mark, with the talented Ryan Sexton in the saddle, Roshambo appears to be a solid choice for the Place.

Race 3: Bellarchi Another from Grant Tuer’s barn is Bellarchi, a two-year-old with impressive recent form. Winning at Catterick 44 days ago and presenting career-best figures, she’s a force to reckon with. Starting her handicapping journey, this filly has shown the potential to surprise even the most seasoned bettors.

Race 4: Borough The I Jardine-trained Borough is tipped at odds of 13/2. Mark Winn will be in charge of this three-year-old, who recently showcased a respectable performance at Catterick. With consistent form and a recent win at Hamilton, this horse has the potential to secure a prominent spot.

Race 5: Magsood Closing our list is Magsood. Trained by R Varian and under the guidance of J Mitchell, this two-year-old shone bright at Beverley 16 days ago. With a recent victory and a focused energy, the addition of a hood suggests another promising race. Odds of 11/8 reinforce the belief in this promising steed.

Betting Advice: A stake of £25 could lead to a possible return of a whopping £623.13. While the realm of horse racing is ever unpredictable, our selections for the Place accumulator offer a blend of consistent performers and potential dark horses.

In conclusion, whether you’re in it for the thrill or the potential returns, the races at Carlisle on 1st September promise to be an exciting affair. So, place your bets, trust your instincts, and may the odds be ever in your favour!

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