SMS Pariaz Live Odds for Champ de Mars Horse Racing.


Race 1.THE WYNCOURT PLATE | Distance 1600 m | Rating: 30-0
Time 12h30. Date: 19-Apr-2014
1 SAZIWAYO B. BhaugeerotheeS. Henry3320135
NR DREAMS COME TRUE R. JoorawonHurlywood1--
3 COLOUR QUEST V. SolaP. Merven6900215
4 AMAPHUPHO Y. EmamdeeH. Maigrot5380140
5 FORT NOBLE C. DabyP. Merven2370140
6 LUCKY COLOUR N. JuglallP. Foo Kune4800200
7 PRIDE OF PRUSSIA N. MardayJ.M. Henry7900215

Race 2.THE PRESIDE PLATE | Distance 1400 m | Rating: 25-0
Time 13h00. Date: 19-Apr-2014
1 YODA MAN D. DavidP. Foo Kune7450150
2 SANTOS J. BardottierR. Gujadhur112000375
3 BONGO BEAT R. JoorawonC. Ramdin51150250
4 POWER DIVE B. WoodworthA. Perdrau1370140
5 BALL PARK C. SegeonP. Merven103300560
6 STRAIGHT JAB R. BurkeR. Maingard4330135
7 ARROMONCHES B. BhaugeerotheeS. Henry23500585
8 CIRAC P.C. OrfferR. Gujadhur9800200
9 ALTELEKKER Y. EmamdeeH. Maigrot82700475
10 DOUBLE GRIP J. VictoireS. Henry62600460
EA KING TUT -P. Foo Kune3

Race 3.THE LALL SEESURRUN CUP | Distance 1000 m | Rating: 46-30
Time 13h25. Date: 19-Apr-2014
1 MIGHTY MARS S.VealeV. Allet1700185
2 SWEEP FORWARD N. T. CallowGujadhur4400145
3 LIVIDUS Y. EmamdeeH. Maigrot74000660
4 VARDASHIAN V.NaikoJ.M. Henry35000800
5 JOE'S LEGACY V.A. BundhooP. Foo Kune62500445
6 RAINBOW MAN P.C. OrfferR. Gujadhur5210115
7 ACAPELLA R. BurkeR. Maingard91200260
8 MO ICHI DO J. VictoireS. Henry101500300
9 STARSPANGLEDBANNER R. JoorawonC. Ramdin21200260

Race 4.THE LINDT SWISS CLASSIC CUP | Distance 1500 m | Rating: 34-15
Time 14h05. Date: 19-Apr-2014
1 LION'S PRINT C. SegeonP. Merven7900215
2 BLACK GAMBIT B. WoodworthA. Perdrau8850210
3 LEO'S RUSH R. BurkeR. Maingard2370140
4 SALUTE THE SAINT R. JoorawonHurlywood11200260
5 BIG LION J. VictoireS. Henry5400145
6 EK THA TIGER N. JuglallP. Foo Kune92800485
7 HARBA J. GeroudisG. Rousset6630175
8 STRUM N. T. CallowGujadhur41000230
9 HIGHLAND JET Y. EmamdeeJ.M. Henry32100385

Race 5.THE LINDOR CUP | Distance 1600 m | Rating: 36-20
Time 14h40. Date: 19-Apr-2014
1 DEUX FABULEAX J. GeroudisG. Rousset9470155
2 AMBASSADOR REX N. T. CallowGujadhur8200115
3 PRINCETON C. SegeonP. Merven61100245
4 RULEROFMYHEART N. JuglallP. Foo Kune3500160
5 DON'T SAY DON'T C. DabyP. Merven73000515
6 KUMBA-YA J. VictoireS. Henry42700475
7 KISHIMOTO R. JoorawonHurlywood15000800
8 DOUBLE DASH V. SolaP. Merven51400285
9 SHAKLETON S.VealeV. Allet23000515

Race 6.THE LINDT GOLD BUNNY CUP | Distance 1600 m | Rating: 61-45
Time 15h15. Date: 19-Apr-2014
1 GOVERNOR GENERAL J. GeroudisG. Rousset4205115
2 ROYAL CHALON J. VictoireS. Henry22800485
3 DIAMOND LIGHT D. DavidP. Foo Kune1650180
4 DRUID'S MOON N. MardayR. Gujadhur55000800
5 GIDA C. SegeonP. Merven3750195
6 POSSE COMITATUS P.C. OrfferR. Gujadhur6300130
7 HIGH ACCOLADE C. DabyP. Merven75000800

Race 7.THE EUGENE ROUSSET CUP | Distance 1500 m | Rating: 51-35
Time 15h50. Date: 19-Apr-2014
1 PRINCE OF WINGS C. SegeonP. Merven81000230
2 STRIKE MASTER V. SolaP. Merven12400430
3 WONDERLAINE R. BurkeR. Maingard3560165
4 MOON RAIDER B. WoodworthA. Perdrau91400285
5 POLAR ROYALE J. GeroudisG. Rousset6155110
6 READ MY HEART S.VealeV. Allet73500585
7 LA FOCE B. BhaugeerotheeS. Henry45000800
8 STRIKE AGAIN J. VictoireS. Henry22500445
9 BALI MOJO C. DabyP. Merven105000800
10 HUNTING TIME R. JoorawonHurlywood54500730

Race 8.THE BLACK TULIP CUP | Distance 1365 m | Rating: 41-25
Time 16h25. Date: 19-Apr-2014
1 DEE MAJOR J. GeroudisG. Rousset5310130
2 STORMY CAPE J. VictoireS. Henry7900215
3 ANNACONDA MOON P.C. OrfferR. Gujadhur2600175
4 PIQUET R. BurkeR. Maingard91700330
5 STREETBOUNCER R. JoorawonHurlywood82500445
6 WAR ACADEMY V.NaikoJ.M. Henry106000945
7 WIND POWER D. DavidP. Foo Kune111400285
8 CATCH THE GERS C. SegeonP. Merven6650180
9 SHERIFF MARSHALL S.VealeV. Allet31600315
10 EVERGREEN Y. EmamdeeGujadhur4530165

No Race 9 This Week

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