All the latest performance of RUDI ROCKS at Champ de Mars Mauritius

Horse Performance at Champ de Mars Mauritius
Latest Performances of RUDI ROCKS
Date Rank Jockey Stable Gear Line Distance Rating Time H.Weight
Sat 15, Nov 20146 V.NaikoV. Allet-42200 mRating 60+-426 (-1)kg
Sat 15, Nov 20146 V.NaikoALLET42200 mRating 60+2m17.08426kg
Sat 18, Oct 20145 R. WigginsV. AlletO22050 mRating 55+2.07.68427 (0)kg
Sat 18, Oct 20145 L.CurrieALLETO22050 mRating 55+2m07.68427kg
Sat 27, Sep 20143 L. CurrieV. AlletB31850 mRating 60+1.55.18427 (+4)kg
Sat 27, Sep 20143 L.CurrieALLETB31850 mRating 60+1m55.18427kg
Sun 7, Sep 20147 B. WoodworthHurlywoodB72400 mRating 60+2.29.07423 (-4)kg
Sun 7, Sep 20147 B.WoodworthHURLYWOODB72400 mRating 60+2m29.07423kg
Sun 10, Aug 20147 B. WoodworthHurlywoodB12200 mRating 60+2.16.06427 (-3)kg
Sun 10, Aug 20147 B.WoodworthHURLYWOODB12200 mRating 60+2m16.06427kg
Sat 12, Jul 20143 S. BussuntHurlywoodB12100 mRating 60+2.09.78430 (-2)kg
Sat 12, Jul 20143 S.BussuntHURLYWOODB12100 mRating 60+2m09.78430kg
Sat 21, Jun 20148 S. BussuntHurlywoodB71850 mRating 60+1.57.31432 (+10)k
Sat 21, Jun 20148 S.BussuntHURLYWOODB71850 mRating 60+1m57.31432kg
Sat 31, May 20148 B. WoodworthHurlywoodB141000 mRating 50+58.18422 (-7)kg
Sat 31, May 20148 B.WoodworthHURLYWOODB141000 mRating 50+0m58.18422kg
Sun 4, May 20147 N. JuglallHurlywood-21500 mRating 60+1.30.70429 (+5)kg
Sun 4, May 20147 N.JuglallHURLYWOOD11500 mRating 60+1m30.70429kg
Sat 12, Apr 20147 Y. EmamdeeHurlywood-51400 mRating 60+1.24.67424kg
Sat 12, Apr 20147 Y.EmamdeeHURLYWOOD51400 mRating 60+1m24.67424kg
Sun 10, Nov 20133 R. BurkeR. Maingard-82200 mRating 60+2.15.73418kg
Sat 19, Oct 20131 A. FortuneR. Maingard-12050 mRating 60+2.06.65422kg
Sun 1, Sep 20138 P.C. OrfferR. Maingard-112400 mRating 65+2.27.82420kg
Sat 10, Aug 20133 K. LathamR. Maingard-42200 mRating 60+2.15.48423kg
Sat 13, Jul 20135 J. VictoireR. Maingard-12100 mRating 60+2.10.36422kg
Sat 22, Jun 20134 J. BardottierR. Maingard-21850 mRating 60+1.54.32423kg
Sat 11, May 20139 Y. EmamdeeR. Maingard-21500 mRating 60+1.30.44422kg
Sat 1, Dec 20124 N. JuglallR. Maingard-12100 mRating Groupe 22.09.28426kg
Sat 10, Nov 20121 Y. EmamdeeR. Maingard-42200 mRating 60+2.16.56428kg
Sat 29, Sep 20122 G. FauconR. Maingard-62100 mRating 60+2.08.47430kg
Sun 2, Sep 20123 R. JoorawonR. Maingard-42400 mRating 65+2.29.07430kg
Sat 4, Aug 20123 R. StewartR. Maingard-92200 mRating 60+2.14.55434kg
Sat 30, Jun 20122 G. FauconR. Maingard-42100 mRating 60+2.09.66433kg
Sat 26, May 20121 G. FauconR. Maingard-71850 mRating 71-551.54.52434kg
Sat 5, May 20127 K. GhunowaR. Maingard-111500 mRating 60+1.30.92434kg
Sat 12, Nov 20115 M.J.OdendaalR. Maingard-12200 mRating 60+2.16.54424kg
Sat 29, Oct 20119 M.J.OdendaalR. Maingard-71600 mRating 65+1.37.30422kg
Sun 11, Sep 20115 C. SegeonR. Maingard-32300 mRating 60+2.23.53424kg

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