Mauritius Horse Racing Fixtures for Week 8 of Sun 5, May 2013.

Get the latest Mauritius Horse Racing Fixtures for Week 8 of Sun 5, May 2013.

Race 1.THE CASEY'S FLIGHT CUP | Distance 1650 m | Rating: 25-0
Time 12h45. Date: 2013-05-05
1 BAYNESFIELD J. BardottierR. Gujadhur65-4-3/6-17N61(-1.5)
2 FORT NOBLE S. RamaP. Merven93-7-7-3/36N61
3 POINT OF POLICY G.D. AucharuzP. Merven104-7-3-1/86N61
4 AMAPHUPHO R. BoutaniveH. Maigrot25-6-4-7/58-60.5
5 BARON BLIXEN N. TeehaM. Ramdin54-4-2-3/17B60.5
6 RULEROFMYHEART S. BussuntP. Foo Kune78-4-6/2-14BN60
7 GALAXY WAY V.A. BundhooA. Perdrau82-6-4-3/86BD59
8 GLORY BOY M. ChinapielR. Maingard30-7-9-4/34-59(-1.5)
9 POWDER SNOW B. BhaugeerotheeS. Henry45-7-2-6/26N57.5(-1.5)
10 SHERWANI B. SoofulC. Ramdin110-9-9/5-37N52
EA PAUL DO MAR S. Henry117-6-6-8/75-61

Race 2.THE LALL SEESURRUN CUP | Distance 1000 m | Rating: 51-35
Time 13h20. Date: 2013-05-05
1 PEGASUS LEGACY K. LathamA. Perdrau71-2-1-2-36TND61
2 ADESTE FIDELIS R. BurkeP. Foo Kune92-1-3-8/24N60.5
3 HIGH ACCOLADE S. RamaP. Merven43-5-5-2-35N59
4 MAN OF HIS WORD V.A. BundhooP. Foo Kune17-2-5/7-57N59
5 PRINCE OF WINGS C. SegeonP. Merven2nouveau4-58.5
6 VALMORNE S. LadjadjS. Henry52-3-4/2-25BTN58.5
7 HAIL ATLANTIS D. DavidV. Allet85-3-4/4-15N56.5
8 RED LOTUS N. TeehaG. Rousset31-1-1-6/64-55.5
EA PATCH OF BLUE S. Henry67-8-4-7/48-56.5

Race 3.THE DR. FRANCE RIVALLAND CUP | Distance 1500 m | Rating: 31-15
Time 13h55. Date: 2013-05-05
1 URBI ET ORBI R. MullenGujadhur85-2-1-1/44N61.5
2 GENEROUS GENT J. GeroudisG. Rousset30-0-0-0-74B61
3 MOUNTAIN THUNDER C. SegeonP. Merven10-0-0-0-24BT61
4 KUMBA-YA S. LadjadjS. Henry74-6-1-3/65BT60
5 SPACEBEAM R. BurkeP. Foo Kune57-5-2/2-54ND59.5
6 DREAMS COME TRUE G. FauconR. Maingard64-8-4-1/14-58.5
7 OVER THE OCEAN N. TeehaH. Maigrot20-8-3-6/24-57.5
8 LUCKY COLOUR V.A. BundhooP. Foo Kune40-0-0-0-73N56

Race 4.THE ALFRED GELLE CUP | Distance 1650 m | Rating: 41-25
Time 14h30. Date: 2013-05-05
1 IWANNADANCE B. BhaugeerotheeGujadhur66-4-2-7/76OTN61.5(-1.5)
2 UNBRIDLED JOY M. NeisiusR. Gujadhur7nouveau4N61.5
3 DON'T SAY DON'T C. SegeonP. Merven19-6-7/2-46N61
4 ROYAL DAY V. SolaM. Ramdin25-5-7/6-19N61(-1.5)
5 SIEGFRIED J. GeroudisG. Rousset57-5-6/8-26B60
6 SALVADOR DALI K. LathamA. Perdrau83-3-5/3-46BTD59
7 PRINCE ALWAHTAN S. LadjadjS. Henry47-2-5/1-55-56.5
8 PALM OF PEACE S. RamaP. Merven37-6-9-7/96N54.5

Race 5.THE SIR ANDRE NAIRAC CUP | Distance 1500 m | Rating: 56-40
Time 15h10. Date: 2013-05-05
1 BOTTOM DOLLAR R. BurkeP. Foo Kune80-0-0-1-55N60.5
2 MONSIEUR DANE R. MullenGujadhur22-6-4-5/47N60
3 ASHANTI GOLD M. NeisiusR. Gujadhur56-1-4-1/54BN59.5
4 GIDA C. SegeonP. Merven10-0-0-0-14B159.5
5 CLEAR AS DAY LIGHT D. DavidV. Allet70-0-9-7-56M58.5
6 TRAIANIUS S. LadjadjS. Henry49-6-6-3/16N58
NR LIVIDUS Y. EmamdeeH. Maigrot33-2-1-1-25-57
8 SUMMER RECESS G.D. AucharuzH. Maigrot67-4-3/8-97B57

Race 6.LE TROPHEE DE JEFF DE BRUGES | Distance 1400 m | Rating: 66-50
Time 15h50. Date: 2013-05-05
1 BOBBY BEAR C. SegeonP. Merven117-2-2/7-35N60.5
2 ROYAL CHALON S. LadjadjS. Henry46-6-3-8/77BTN60.5
3 ACCELERO R. MullenGujadhur62-3-1-1/14EN59
4 CAPITAINE G. FauconR. Maingard94-5-7-2-59O59
5 GLITTER STAR R. BurkeP. Foo Kune70-0-0-0-54BN59
6 POLAR FALCON J. MarcialisC. Ramdin106-6-5-6/69S N59
7 GOVERNOR GENERAL J. GeroudisG. Rousset5nouveau4N57.5
8 I'LL BE BACK D. DavidV. Allet84-6-4-3/46N57.5
9 MOZART'S GIOVANNI M. NeisiusR. Gujadhur30-0-0-0-54N57
10 BOLTING CAT K. LathamA. Perdrau24-10-5-1/35N56.5
EA SNAPPY Gujadhur15-1-1-1-45SN58

Race 7.THE J. ANDRE KOENIG CUP | Distance 1500 m | Rating: 46-30
Time 16h25. Date: 2013-05-05
1 SHUTTERFLY J. GeroudisG. Rousset12-9-3-8/86N60.5
2 THE LAST SAMURAI R. BurkeP. Foo Kune57-2-5/2-24N59.5
3 PATTAYA BEACH S. LadjadjS. Henry27-6-4/4-38BN59
NR THURSDAY LUNCH G. FauconR. Maingard80-9-8-7/75ND59
5 SOUL MATE C. SegeonP. Merven60-0-0-0-34TN58.5
6 DANISH DUDE G.D. AucharuzH. Maigrot76-5/4-9/106B158
7 INSIDE OUT V.NaikoR. Maingard42-5-5/5-57-57
8 SAZIWAYO B. BhaugeerotheeS. Henry36-3-1/2-57TN56.5(-1.5)

Race 8.THE AMORETTO PLATE | Distance 1365 m | Rating: 36-20
Time 16h55. Date: 2013-05-05
1 SANDS OF FIRE N. TeehaH. Maigrot52-2-4-4/25-61
2 BURBERRY S. LadjadjS. Henry68-5-5-7/17@N60.5
3 ADMIRALS CUP R. MullenGujadhur17-3-1-2-44TN60
4 CITY OF CHOICE C. SegeonP. Merven210-3-4-3/66N60
5 ONE AND ONLY S. RamaP. Merven98-5-3-5/65B60
6 TOBEASTAR N. MardayC. Ramdin100-0-0-0-84S60(-4)
7 TORERO R. BoutaniveGujadhur77-9-6-9/86STN59.5
8 MANTA RIDGE K. LathamA. Perdrau82-5-7-6/55ND59
9 CASSIDO R. BurkeP. Foo Kune33-5-1/8-15N58.5
10 BALLITO BOY B. BhaugeerotheeS. Henry44-5-2-6/38B56.5(-1.5)

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