Mauritius Horse Racing Tips Week 28 of Sat 6, Oct 2012.

Get the latest Mauritius Horse Racing betting Tips for Week 28 of Sat 6, Oct 2012.


Race 1.THE LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL CUP | Distance 1400 m | Rating: 36-20 | Time 12h30
1 BONGO BEAT N. MardayC. Ramdin5
2 EVEN CHANCE S. RamaP. Merven2
3 HEAVENLY BANDIT R. JoorawonA. Perdrau4
4 DESTINY'S TALE S. BhundooV. Allet7
5 MADE OF MONEY V. SolaS. Henry6
6 ADMIRALS CUP R. BoutaniveGujadhur1
7 BAYNESFIELD V.A. BundhooP. Foo Kune3

Race 2.THE FEBER ASSOCIATES CUP | Distance 1600 m | Rating: 41-25 | Time 13h00
1 IL MAGNIFICO N. T. CallowGujadhur4
2 IN POSITION C. SegeonP. Merven9
3 DAY OF RECKONING G. FauconR. Maingard7
4 GHOST DOG R. BurkeG. Rousset1
5 PICK SIX B. BhaugeerotheeS. Henry5
6 DANGER MAN S. RamaP. Merven6
7 SHAKLETON R. StewartV. Allet3
8 WILD 'N FREE C. DabyC. Ramdin8
9 CASSIDO B. WoodworthP. Foo Kune2

Race 3.THE NATIONAL MUTUAL FUND CUP | Distance 1365 m | Rating: 51-35 | Time 13h30
1 JOE'S LEGACY B. WoodworthP. Foo Kune4
2 PIQUET G. FauconR. Maingard3
3 SHARKS BAY S. RamaP. Merven5
4 SIX FLAGS C. SegeonP. Merven8
5 TOBIN R. BurkeM. Ramdin7
6 UP COMPANY D. BheekaryG. Rousset6
7 WEST COAST SWING N. T. CallowGujadhur1
8 POWER DIVE R. JoorawonA. Perdrau2

Race 4.LA PRUDENCE LIFE INSURANCE CUP | Distance 1850 m | Rating: 56-40 | Time 14h05
1 LIVIDUS R. BurkeH. Maigrot4
2 MATHAFA V. SolaM. Ramdin5
3 SOUTHERN HEIGHTS R. JoorawonA. Perdrau8
4 SYLVESTER N. T. CallowGujadhur2
5 THE LAST SAMURAI B. WoodworthP. Foo Kune3
6 TIGGER J. BardottierS. Henry1
7 ROYAL DAY M. NeisiusR. Gujadhur7
8 DOCK OF THE BAY N. TeehaG. Rousset6

Race 5.THE MAURITIUS UNION GENERAL INSURANCE CUP | Distance 1400 m | Rating: 66-50 | Time 14h40
1 PROFIT REPORT V. SolaS. Henry2
2 ROYAL CHALON B. BhaugeerotheeS. Henry8
3 AZAPEL N. T. CallowGujadhur4
4 CAPITAINE R. BurkeR. Maingard1
5 RIDGE TOO FAR G. FauconR. Maingard3
6 SERGEANT MAJOR N. TeehaG. Rousset7
7 HOT ROCKET R. StewartV. Allet9
8 ALWAYS A PLEASURE M. NeisiusR. Gujadhur5
9 PRINCE PASEO S. BhundooV. Allet6

Race 6.THE MAURITIUS UNION GROUP COLONEL DRAPER CUP | Distance 1500 m | Rating: 60+ | Time 15h15
1 CAPTAIN THRILLER N. TeehaG. Rousset5
2 FROM MY HEART R. BurkeG. Rousset3
3 NATIONAL PLAY J. BardottierS. Henry1
4 ELUSIVE RIVER B. WoodworthP. Foo Kune8
5 RED LUCIFER R. StewartV. Allet7
6 STRAIGHT FORWARD C. SegeonP. Foo Kune9
7 ACUPPA N. T. CallowGujadhur2
8 ABINGTON R. JoorawonA. Perdrau10
9 MASTER MASCUS G. FauconR. Maingard4
10 TANDRAGEE M. NeisiusGujadhur6

Race 7.THE TRIPLE COVER CUP | Distance 1650 m | Rating: 46-30 | Time 15h50
1 KING FAHIEM N. T. CallowGujadhur1
2 PERO VALIENTE R. HoolashG. Rousset4
3 ASK THE AFGHAN R. BoutaniveGujadhur6
4 ZHAN HU B. WoodworthP. Foo Kune3
5 PIECES OF EIGHT M. NeisiusR. Gujadhur8
6 UMHLANGA R. StewartV. Allet2
7 CATCH THE GERS S. RamaP. Merven5
8 KYLURIAN R. BurkeS. Henry7

Race 8.THE DOMINIQUE GALEA CUP | Distance 1000 m | Rating: 41-25 | Time 16h25
1 EAGLE AWARD B. WoodworthP. Foo Kune5
2 FRASER G. FauconR. Maingard10
3 HIGHLAND JET M. NeisiusR. Gujadhur11
4 ISIPHO R. StewartV. Allet1
5 RAILWAY BEST R. JoorawonM. Ramdin9
7 POLE OF COLD N. T. CallowGujadhur8
8 DON'T TELL MAMA R. HoolashH. Maigrot3
9 CACTUS WOLF C. SegeonP. Merven2
10 ROCK THIS TOWN S. BussuntC. Ramdin6

Race 9.THE WING PASSAGE PLATE | Distance 1365 m | Rating: 25-0 | Time 17h00
1 BURBERRY R. BurkeS. Henry5
2 DYNASTAR R. JoorawonH. Maigrot6
3 KEEP WALKING C. SegeonP. Merven1
4 SANTOS G. FauconR. Maingard4
5 COUNT ME IN B. WoodworthP. Foo Kune3
6 WOLFE TONE R. StewartV. Allet2
7 CIRAC R. HoolashR. Gujadhur7

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