Mauritius Horse Racing Tips Week 1 of Sat 24, Mar 2012.

Get the latest Mauritius Horse Racing betting Tips for Week 1 of Sat 24, Mar 2012.

Race 1.THE PORT AU PRINCE CUP. | Distance 1365 m | Rating: 25-0 | Time 12h40
1 CARAMEL KING S. RamaP. Merven7
2 MC NAUGHT S. AzieH. Maigrot3
3 SHERWANI Y. EmamdeeM. Ramdin4
4 DRUG SQUAD R. BoutaniveP. Foo Kune6
5 RED LOTUS N. TeehaG. Rousset5
6 SOVEREIGN SERVICE B. SoofulR. Gujadhur2

Race 2.THE RAOUL RIVET CUP. | Distance 1500 m | Rating: 41-25 | Time 13h15
1 JACK SPARROW S. BussuntR. Gujadhur5
2 SO RAVEN Y. EmamdeeM. Ramdin4
3 ITALIAN LAKES M. NeisiusC. Ramdin7
4 MADE OF MONEY D. MansourS. Henry6
5 NTANDANE B. MorgenroodA. Perdrau3
6 THE MONEY IS YOURS C. SegeonP. Merven2
7 MAC MUFTI S. BhundooV. Allet1

Race 3.THE WEEK-END SCOPE CHALLENGE CUP. | Distance 1400 m | Rating: 46-30 | Time 13h50
1 BOBBY BEAR C. SegeonP. Merven5
2 MAKE MY GREY M. NeisiusC. Ramdin6
3 PIQUET G. FauconR. Maingard4
4 FIREBOLT D. MansourS. Henry2
5 AFRICAN DANCER B. MorgenroodA. Perdrau1
6 TAMWORTH J. GeroudisG. Rousset3
7 COOL ZONE J.VyapooreeP. Foo Kune7

Race 4.THE TURF MAGAZINE CHALLENGE CUP. | Distance 1000 m | Rating: 51-35 | Time 14h25
1 MAN OF HIS WORD M.J. CahillP. Foo Kune6
2 DAYS OF YORE G. FauconR. Maingard8
3 MADE OF STEEL J. GeroudisG. Rousset3
4 IMPERIAL CITY D. MansourS. Henry2
5 MATCH PLAY C. DabyH. Maigrot7
6 WAR ACADEMY B. MorgenroodA. Perdrau4
7 HAIL ATLANTIS Y. EmamdeeV. Allet5
8 UMHLANGA S. BhundooV. Allet1

Race 5.THE WEEK-END CHALLENGE CUP. | Distance 1500 m | Rating: 56-40 | Time 15h00
1 STRIKE AGAIN D. MansourS. Henry3
2 PATTAYA BEACH B. BhaugeerotheeS. Henry4
3 SCHECADO M.J. CahillP. Foo Kune2
4 SERGEANT MAJOR J. GeroudisG. Rousset6
5 CONSTELLATION C. SegeonP. Merven5
6 ROYAL DAY S. BussuntR. Gujadhur7
7 PEGASUS LEGACY B. MorgenroodA. Perdrau1

Race 6.THE MAURICIEN CENTENARY SOUVENIR TROPHY. | Distance 1365 m | Rating: 66-40 | Time 15h35
1 MELTAWAY D. BheekaryG. Rousset3
2 AZAPEL B. MorgenroodA. Perdrau2
3 CAPTAIN THRILLER J. GeroudisG. Rousset7
4 WESTERN EMBLEM M.J. CahillP. Foo Kune6
5 RICH STRIKE Y. EmamdeeV. Allet4
6 ALWAYS A PLEASURE S. BussuntR. Gujadhur5
7 PRINCE PASEO S. BhundooV. Allet1

Race 7.THE MAURICE MARTIN CUP. | Distance 1365 m | Rating: 41-25 | Time 16h10
1 KINGS WINGS Y. EmamdeeV. Allet3
2 ELI'S CONNECTION S. BussuntR. Gujadhur2
3 HOW MANY TO WON B. MorgenroodA. Perdrau8
4 PAUL DO MAR J. GeroudisG. Rousset4
5 SANTOS G. FauconR. Maingard1
6 BALLITO BOY D. MansourS. Henry9
7 PATCH OF BLUE M. NeisiusC. Ramdin5
8 BAYNESFIELD M.J. CahillP. Foo Kune6
9 LE MISTRAL C. SegeonP. Merven7

Race 8.THE MR CALIFORNIA PLATE. | Distance 1500 m | Rating: 30-14 | Time 16h45
1 BENJAMEN BOO M.J. CahillP. Foo Kune8
2 MR STUDIOUS S. BussuntR. Gujadhur3
3 PINE NUT D. MansourS. Henry7
4 CHEERFUL NEWS J. GeroudisG. Rousset2
5 GAUDIO C. DabyH. Maigrot5
6 VOLACIOUS C. SegeonP. Merven6
7 ALTELEKKER G. FauconR. Maingard4
8 OPTIMA MAXIMO B. SoofulR. Gujadhur9
9 PORT ALBERT M. NeisiusC. Ramdin10
10 TIGER TRAP S. RamaP. Merven1

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